On May 23, 1982, the inaugural service of “West Fredericksburg United Methodist
Church was held in the Fredericksburg Sheraton Inn. Dr. Henry Matthews, District
Superintendent of the Ashland District, gave the morning message. The following
June, the Rev. Vickie E. Pittard was pocket option demo appointed as first minister. On August 6, 1982, the
name Peace UMC was approved by the congregation. Twenty nine members were
presented with Charter certifications on October 24, 1982. Services were held at the
Sheraton through the end of 1982, then at the Wesley Foundation House at Mary
Washington College in early 1983, followed by meetings at the Holiday Inn North for a

The first service on the present property, at 801 Maple Grove Drive, was held on April
6, 1984 in a modular building that had been previously used for the start of Discovery
UMC in Richmond. In 1985, our second pastor, the Rev. Mark Burgess was appointed.

Ground breaking for the present sanctuary, fellowship hall and education wing took
place in October, 1989. Many church members helped with the construction and
dedication of the new building occurred on June 6, 1990. Our third minister, the Rev.
Jeff Hendrix http://pocketoption.com.ph/demo was appointed in June, 1992. The Rev. Barry Throckmorton served as the
fourth pastor from 1999 to 2005, followed by Pastor David Erickson
who became our current pastor in July 2005.

We once again are a growing congregation, growing in spirit, service and diversity.  
New cell groups are forming regularly. People are encouraged to find and follow God’
s call to ministry. We refer to these divine calls to ministry as “burning bushes” in
reference to Moses’ experience.

As we grow disciples and the church, we proudly say “we’re small enough to make
friends and large enough to make a difference in the world.” We serve the community
by providing a meeting place for various Scouting, AA, Alanon, Alateen, and CODA
groups, as well as the Peace Preschool. Members find opportunities to serve the
church though UMM, UMW, cherub, chancel and handbell choirs, youth
fellowship, Bible study and Sunday school classes. Noting our location near a national
sporting goods store, one member quipped “Find Peace behind Gander Mountain!”
This year a third weekly worship service, a contemporary service, will be started pocket option trading .

For further information about Peace UMC, please call 540-786-8585 or check out our
internet website homepage www.passthepeace.org .

Our Sunday services are at 8:30 and 11AM.

Pastor Brad Phillips
Peace United Methodist Church,
801 Maple Grove Drive, Fredericksburg VA 22407
Peace United Methodist Church
"Small enough to make friends - large enough to make a difference in the world"
801 Maple Grove Drive
Fredericksburg, Virginia  22407
(540) 786-8585
The History of Peace UMC